Surface Finishing Anodizing Plating Powder Coating

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Generally speaking, there are two explanations for surface treatment; one is generalized surface treatment,


It includes various physical and chemical methods such as pretreatment, electroplating, coating, chemical oxidation, thermal spraying, etc.; the other is narrow surface treatment, only including sandblasting, polishing, etc.

What we are talking about below is the narrow surface treatment.


During the processing, transportation, storage, etc. of the parts, the surface often has molding sand, welding slag, dust, oil and other contaminants left by scale and rust. If the coating can be firmly attached to the surface of the product, the surface of the product must be cleaned before painting. Otherwise, it will not only affect the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating to the metal, but also make the base metal even if it is coated. Corrosion can also continue under layer protection, causing the coating to peel off, affecting the mechanical properties and service life of the product. Therefore, the surface treatment before the painting of the product is an important guarantee and measure for obtaining a good quality protective layer and prolonging the service life of the product.