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CNC prototype can be divided into two types: laser rapid prototyping (SLA/SLS) and CNC machining, both of which have their own special processing materials.

1.Laser Rapid Prototyping (SLA/SLS)

Laser rapid prototyping is divided into two types, SLA and SLS.

SLA is a process using Stereo lithography, also known as selective curing of photosensitive resins, and is the earliest emerging rapid prototyping technology. The process is: a liquid photosensitive resin is filled in a resin tank, and it is rapidly cured under the irradiation of an ultraviolet laser beam. At the beginning of the molding process, the liftable worktable is at the height of a section thickness below the liquid surface. The focused laser beam, under the control of the computer, scans along the liquid surface in accordance with the requirements of the cross-sectional profile, so that the scanned area resin is cured to obtain a resin sheet of this cross-sectional profile. Then, the worktable descends the height of the sheet, the solidified resin sheet is covered with a layer of new liquid resin, so that the second layer of the laser scan is cured, and the newly solidified layer is firmly bonded to the previous layer. This repeats until the entire product has been molded. Final cleaning, place support, secondary curing, and surface finish.

Photosensitive resin selective curing rapid prototyping technology is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized product, can directly obtain resin or similar engineering plastic products. The SLA rapid prototyping has a good surface quality, a high system resolution, and a high molding accuracy.

The processing method of SLS is similar to that of SLA technology, but the liquid photopolymer is replaced by a powdered raw material and applied to the powdered material with a certain scanning speed and energy. During the forming process, laser parameters, powder properties, and sintering atmosphere are important factors affecting the quality of the sintering process. SLS rapid prototyping can produce the hardest hand board, and can use a variety of raw materials, such as the vast majority of engineering plastics, waxes, metals, ceramics, etc., parts of the construction of high-speed, no post-correction of parts, without design and construction support.

2. CNC rapid prototyping

CNC is widely used in the mechanical processing industry and its technology is relatively mature. It’s the first choice of prototype processing; the effect and accuracy are also very good.

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