Rapid Plastic Prototyping CNC Milling

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Prototype can be divided into manual prototype and CNC prototype based on the method of production:

(1) Manual Prototype: Its main work is done by hand.

(2) CNC Prototype: Its main work is achieved by CNC machine. According to the different equipment used, it can be divided into Rapid Prototyping (RP) handgrip and Machining Center (CNC) Prototype.

A: SLA Prototype: It's mainly made of laser cutting.

B: CNC Prototype: It is mainly a hand board produced by a machining center.

The RP Prototype compares with the CNC Prototype:

The advantage of the RP Prototype is rapid, but it is mainly formed by a stacking technique. Therefore, the RP Prototype is generally relatively rough and has a certain requirement on the thickness of the product, if the product is too thin, it cannot be produced.

The advantage of the CNC Prototype is that it can accurately reflect the information expressed on the drawings, and the surface quality of the CNC Prototype is high, especially after coating and silk screen printing.

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