3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Car Prototype

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3D printing

The design process of 3D printing: firstly use software to build a model, and then split the 3D model to a layer-by-layer cross-section, ie, slicing, so as to guide the printer to print layer by layer.

The standard file format between design software and printers is the STL file. A STL file uses a triangular face to approximate the surface of a simulated object. The smaller the triangular face, the higher the generated surface resolution. PLY is a scanner that generates a 3D file by scanning, and the generated VRML or WRL file is often used as an input file for full-color printing. 

Slice processing

The printer reads the cross-section information in the file, prints the cross sections layer by layer in liquid, powder, or sheet-like material, and then bonds the cross-sections of the layers in various ways to create an entity. The feature of this technique is that it can create almost any shape of item.

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