Sheet Metal Stamping Industries Three Bottlenecks Of The Development Of Analysis

At present, China's machine tools, tooling, sheet metal stamping and other industry production value ranks the world's largest, said China now has become the equipment manufacturing power in the world. Promoting China's shift from a manufacturing nation to nation, the "Twelve-Five" key tasks in the period of China's shift from a manufacturing nation to nation, and a reasonable adjustment of industrial structure and change will be the equipment industry to achieve scientific development a top priority.

General idea is developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China for industrial transformation and upgrading of demand and the development of emerging industries of strategic importance, focusing on the development of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and service manufacturing, which has become the biggest task for equipment manufacturing industry.

For ten years, as China has become the world's manufacturing center and consumer, punching one of the manufacturing industry and other industries have made unprecedented development. It is understood that the national press industry at present, there are about 40,000 production enterprises, 2 million in China, the annual production of 28 million tons of stamping parts, the total sales amounted to 400 billion yuan, year 3 mm thin steel plates more than 40 million tons, buy stamping mould cost 40 billion yuan, new stamping equipment rate 20 billion yuan. Our sheet metal and fabrication industry 30,000 enterprises, 1.8 million workers, about 42 million tons of annual production of sheet metal parts, sales amounted to 500 billion yuan. But with the United States, and Japan's peers, stamping and sheet metal industry in China at present, there are some problems, summarized into three points:

1, raw materials and related technology

Due to the fasteners, chains, springs, bearings, molds and other products used by the poor quality of domestic steel, fewer varieties of different specifications, directly affects the quality of sheet metal stamping products. Machine components general mass, mass production, there are a number of cultivars, processing of high precision products, high requirements on the production technology and equipment, and investment. Foreign firms with high efficiency and high precision machine, production line or flexible lines, highly efficient automated production. But some parts of our country under financial constraints, little investment, Enterprise ability to reinvent is poor, less advanced equipment not supporting, affects the product quality level.

2, low levels of specialization, out of scale, poor economic

Metal stamping parts compared to the hosts, companies needed to establish the initial capital and technology into relatively small, the country experienced several periods of great economic development, a group of private production companies have sprung up to develop, but due to market demand, in small batches, no economies of scale. Most of the punching processing enterprise itself is large or small, low levels of specialization, high levels of equipment, quality of instability, low economic benefit. Three major motor industries backbone enterprises in China with an annual output of micro-motor is less than the total foreign company 50%. The past two years, locally built thousands of stamping plant in China, but an annual output of more than 300,000 pieces of only a few, mainly supporting products for agricultural machinery. Germany Rexroth produce all kinds of stamping products 1.3 million, Japan oil development (strain) has an annual output of more than 600,000. Industrial mold enterprises in developed countries the per capita output of about 150,000 ~20 dollars, only 40,000 ~5 million yuan in China. Stakeholders noted that in recent years, with diverse forms of ownership and common development policies are implemented, the hardware industry is undergoing intensive development process by dispersing to gradually set.

3, lack of capital investment, research and development are weak

Sheet metal stamping parts processing industry in the late 1970 of the 20th century and early 80, earlier introduced a number of advanced foreign technology, but on the digestion and absorption of the lack of adequate software and hardware investment. According to overseas experience, the introduction and digestion and absorption of needed capital ratio is about 1:7, and on this late, slower pace of digestion and absorption. Market competition and technological strength. This attaches abroad, have increased investment, occupying commanding point in technology. Major funding for research and development of the company are accounted for as sales 4%~5%, focus area of 10%. Although many colleges and universities engaged in research work in China at present, many research papers, scientific research, patents are a very high level, but with actual production combined with tight, slow into commercial products.

Control equipment unsafe condition of the need to strengthen the daily inspections of equipment (including its safety devices checking) to detect all kinds of risks and improvement, and to ensure that safety devices properly. Each device development department shall timely development, replacement devices with greater safety.

According to relevant experts said basic manufacturing equipment is essential in the manufacturing, sheet metal stamping metal processing industry to achieve scale, bulk and individual production, it needs the relevant enterprises to continue to improve and the use of advanced manufacturing technology.