Requirements For The Safekeeping Of Metal Parts Manufacturing

              1. Storage environment (warehouse) storage of metal fittings warehouse should be dry and ventilated, keep away from harmful gases; the fittings in the storeroom shall not be stored together with the chemicals and acid-base substances; thermometers, hygrometer and temperature and humidity adjustment facilities shall be provided in the storehouse; the accessories should be kept in an orderly manner on the shelves, with safe spacing between shelves and between shelves and walls. Inconvenient to put on the shelves of large, do not put directly on the ground, the application of pad, with the ground to maintain a certain gap.

             2. Accessories storage and acceptance should pay attention to the problem of warehousing accessories In addition to the provisions of the warehousing acceptance and technical inspection, but also to the storage parts of the packaging protection of a comprehensive inspection. In addition to the technical testing must be opened, generally should maintain the original packaging and sealing integrity. such as the discovery of packaging damage, corrosion and other parts of the situation, to timely treatment.Metal Parts Manufacturing

             3. Temperature and humidity control in the storehouse according to seasonal and temperature changes, adjust the temperature and humidity in the storeroom in time, keep the temperature at 20-30 ℃, and keep the relative humidity below 75%.

             4. Timely oil Anti-rust metal accessories in the warehouse storage time longer, its protective grease may be volatile, packaging may be damaged, at this time to combine regular or irregular inventory, check the protection of accessories, timely anti-rust treatment. Parts finishing work surface has a slight rust, can be used clean cotton yarn stained with a little oil wipe, must not use emery cloth or file clearance. If the corrosion seriously affects the use, it shall be scrapped. After removing the rust, the parts should be oiled and kept. The traditional rust-proof method of metal parts is to dip the parts into melted paraffin wax, remove the air and then use cloth, plastic or paper packaging. High-precision parts can be soaked in hot mineral oil, coated with cloth before dipping wax, can also be based on the different characteristics of accessories and storage requirements, selection of different anti-rust grease for treatment.Metal Parts Manufacturing

             5. Prevent parts from touching parts of the finishing work surface, in particular, some larger and more important accessories, such as crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder body, cylinder head, differential shell, etc., in addition to anti-rust oil, but also to protect the packaging (such as wooden cases), the purpose is to avoid finishing the face injury. General formal parts factory factory parts, are in accordance with the national standards for packaging. These packages shall not be damaged in the course of transport and storage and shall be repaired as they are if they are damaged. Accessories in the warehouse delivery, purchase, cleaning, inventory process, but also pay attention to protect, so that the accessories in the library is not hurt. Heavy parts should be banned from being dragged on the ground.Metal Parts Manufacturing