Rapid Prototyping Technology

            Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed in the 90 's, which is a key common technology for new product development service of manufacturing enterprises, which has a positive effect on promoting enterprise product innovation, shortening new product development cycle and improving product competitiveness. Since the advent of the technology, has been widely used in the manufacturing industry in developed countries, and thus produced a new technology field. Using 3DCAD Archives, ABS Plastics, polycarbonate, PPSF and other materials, the technology is used to quickly produce solid models for shaping, assembling, and functional testing in the course of research and development.Rapid Prototyping

           At present, our country extrusion blow molding hollow Molding is the main method of forming hollow products. Extrusion blow Molding is the use of extrusion machine to melt thermoplastic plastic, and through the head extrusion semi-molten tubular parison; Then, after a tube billet is hot, it is placed in a blow moulding mold, closed die (facing mold, while clamping the upper and lower ends of the tube), then with blowing the air pipe to compress the atmosphere, so that the Tube billet blown and affixed to the mold cavity inside the wall forming; Finally, the pressure and cooling stereotypes, exhaust compressed air and open mold to remove products.Rapid Prototyping

           Applying RP technology to die manufacturing, the emergence of rapid tooling technology based on rapid prototyping technology has led to new development of Mold rapid manufacturing technology, which is closely connected with production practice and has full use function, thus it is considered as the main direction of rapid prototyping technology development in the coming period.Rapid Prototyping