Rapid Prototyping Get Rid Of The Shackles Of Traditional Processing Methods

Rapid Prototyping technology completely out of the traditional "remove" the processing method (i.e.: partial removal of material of the workpiece is greater than the blank workpiece is obtained), Rapid Prototyping with a new "growth" processing methods (ie: a layer with a small blank gradually superimposing the workpiece to be larger), the processing of complex three-dimensional processing into simpler two-dimensional combination, therefore, Rapid Prototyping it does not have the traditional machine tools and the mold, conventional processing methods only 30% to 50% by 35 hours and 20% % of the cost of manufacture can directly sample or mold by rapid prototyping technology, can be automatically, Rapid Prototyping directly, quickly and accurately into the design model having functionality directly or manufacture, which can quickly evaluate the design , modify and test functions, greatly reducing the product development cycle. the rapid prototyping technology for enterprises of new product development process, Rapid Prototyping can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products, to ensure time to market for new products, and improving rapid response to market Ability; but also can reduce the risk of mold and new product development costs; Rapid Prototyping timely detection of product design errors, so early to find the wrong, Changes, thus avoiding the loss caused by changes subsequent step to improve the success rate of new products into production. Therefore, the application of rapid prototyping technology has become an important strategy for manufacturing new product development.

RP system according to the shape of the part, making each having a certain cross-sectional thickness and a specific shape of a minute, and then they are bonded layer by layer,Rapid Prototyping  to get a perspective of parts needed for manufacture. Of course, the whole process is under the control of the computer, by the rapid prototyping system automatically. Different companies make RP system used in different materials, Rapid Prototyping the system works are different, but the basic principles are the same, that is, "layered manufacturing, layer by layer." This process can be vividly called "growth law" or "addition".