Plastic Rapid Prototyping Technologies: Low Cost High Precision And Good Quality

"China's plastics machinery network technology" in the decades before, there is no machine tooling times, all products are hand-finished, extremely time-consuming, and mold prevalent nowadays, production of products as long as first started making a mold, others can be completed quickly in large quantities.

Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology in nearly 20 years of a major breakthrough, but only a practical part was making the ability to really play to their strengths. Therefore, the research emphasis of rapid prototyping technology by the technology and equipment of research and development, turning metal mould was made Xiao 12. compared with the traditional mold manufacturing technology, rapid tooling based on rapid prototyping manufacturing production cycle and production costs are significantly lower, especially for small batch trial production advantages and vitality. Based on LOM prototype rapid prototyping technology, combined with silicone rubber and precision casting technology of transformation, development of rapid manufacturing technology of zinc base alloy plastic mould, and applying the technology of manufacture of car Lampshade mold.

Zinc base alloy plastic mould manufacture route from plastic products computer 3D design of zinc-based alloy die manufacturing process.

Prototypes and prototype of the Silicon rubber leg mold for plastic products development in Huazhong University of science and HRP-3 of thin material laminated manufacturing (LOM) on the rapid prototyping machine manufacturing. First, use Pro-E or UG 3D design software products, then slice along the height generated hierarchical discrete level information, enter in a rapid prototyping machine. LOM machines according to the contour cutting paper coated with hot melt Adhesive, with a heated roller paste layer by layer, finally removing waste and paper prototype of the product after they have been processed. Compared with other rapid prototyping methods, LOM prototype forming speed, low cost, high dimensional accuracy and surface quality after treatment.

Conclusion: LOM prototype combined with rapid precision casting technology of plastic mould making technology, are ideal for the rapid production of small batch trial production and sample parts, can also be used to replace individual damaged parts of the product, such as the shade before the car is making this article meet the automotive repair sector needs, saving time and resources. But this technology is suitable for precision forming die for fine parts of plastic, need to be combined with other methods such as machining manufacture.

Market demand for products manufactured in the future will be fast, diverse, small quantities of development trends, based on rapid prototyping technology combined with rapid manufacturing of zinc base alloy plastic mould technology will have tremendous potential, it has broad market prospect.