NPE2015: Barrier Packing For Injection Molding Technology Leapis Reports

The plastics industry the "Holy Grail": it is clear that total package will replace the injection moulding of metal packaging, for example, of over 1 billion cans per year market.

At the 2015NPE show, you will see it has come into our lives.

Plastic can perform better

Milacron (booth number: W2703) exhibited a Klear food cans, helps to observe the food in the pot form.

"The surprise is that the packaging does not affect food gloss", Milacron injection system for total lasaierbeineite, sales and Marketing Director said.

Ten months ago, Germany Interpack exhibition, Milacron Klear has show samples, and on the NPE, Milacron first Klear fairs will be held. Bennett said: "about Klear, we exhibited a complete production line, now company in setting up a barrier within the container view.

This line 280 tons clamping force of injection molding machines, four-cavity mould producing Klear can run cycle less than 8 seconds. By cold working dies StackTeck systems limited. High-group and Masters company is a manufacturer of hot runner, and DME mold and component suppliers.

Editor's conclusion "plastic packaging instead of the traditional packaging industry is a hot topic in 2015 year in new instead of the traditional process of colliding will face tough? in this NPE2015 show will be revealed one by one. Resin manufacturers, machinery, chemicals, additives, mold, mold and design software, custom molding capabilities in areas such as supplier will meet in Orlando Orange County Convention Center on March 23, is expected to total around 2000, 40% from United States territory. On NPE2015, you will learn about the industry's new technologies, and opportunities to communicate with companies and experts in various fields.