Metal Parts Production Research And Development Centre Administrative Examination And Approval Of Construction Project Public Notice

Item name: metal parts production research and Development Center

Nature of the project: industrial

Reporting categories: construction project planning permit

Applicant: thick of Kunming investment limited

Planning Board for approval the Department in charge: Kunming Planning Bureau high-tech branch

Publication categories: before the grant announcement

Publication date: April 19, 2016 until April 27, 2016

Public venue: Kunming urban planning Exhibition Center, high-tech zone management committee and project site

Public media: Kunming daily


Public organizational units: the planning and information center

Project profile

Kunming construction of heavy investments limited "metal parts production Center for research and development" project in Kunming high-tech small dams within the non-government science and technology garden plot 11th, East side and South side of Pro 20 m road, pharmaceutical company, Royal Hospital in Yunnan province to the North, West of Kunming catering services Ltd, The entire productive land area of 18657.1 square meters ($ 27.99), land use M1 industrial land base to 108.23 meters wide, North-South about 171.45 meters long, base terrain elevation difference is smaller.

Planning report index

Total land area: 18657.1 square meters

Total area: 21920.64 square meters

Above ground area: 20138.4 sqm

Basement area: 1782.24 square meters

Density: 44.94% floor area ratio: 1.36 Green: 10.65%