Metal Parts Manufacturing Development Trend

Metal Parts Manufacturing The rapid prototyping and manufacturing technology is unique in the manufacture of high-form complexity and high-functionality parts. Metal Parts Manufacturing It is considered as a milestone in the history of modern manufacturing technology and is directly oriented to the production of high-performance and high-performance materials Development, the manufacturing industry have a profound impact Metal Parts Manufacturing. Among them, the direct manufacture of metal parts (Direct Rapid Metal Manufacturing) the most extensive demand, but also one of its main direction of development. At present, Metal Parts Manufacturing there are high-energy three-beam using laser beam, electron beam and plasma beam, and non-high energy beam forming method. The technology can be directly formed by part CAD model, and the rapid forming of complex metal parts can be completed. Parts of the working conditions and special performance requirements to achieve the gradient function of the rapid prototyping of parts. Therefore, this is a part of the structure and material design, new material preparation, Metal Parts Manufacturing forming, processing integration of the creative quality of parallel short process, Metal Parts Manufacturing digital manufacturing technology, represents the development of advanced manufacturing technology. Due to the important application prospect of the technology and equipment in the advanced pillars of aerospace, defense, energy, transportation and so on, it is highly valued and supported by the governments and enterprises of the developed countries, but it is still on the eve of the industrial scale.