Melt Extrusion Rapid Prototyping Machine

                  Because rapid extrusion rapid prototyping technology has practical application value, in the work life application is very widespread, this kind of technology research value is self-evident, therefore needs the independent research and development one own intellectual property right melt extrusion rapid prototyping (FDM) equipment, and for these equipment satisfies the market demand, promotes the equipment industrialization and the marketability.Rapid Prototyping

                  Moreover, the melt rapid prototyping machine, based on this equipment, has carried on the research to the rapid prototyping equipment and the melt rapid prototyping technology, improves the rapid prototyping equipment and popularizes the rapid prototyping equipment marketability. In this paper, the mechanical structure of the parallel manipulator and the extrusion process of the material in the nozzle are studied thoroughly. Its main work is as follows: firstly, the paper summarizes the main performance parameters that affect the mechanical structure of FDM printer equipment, compares several FDM rapid prototyping equipment, and roughly determines the overall design scheme of FDM printer mechanical system. Then, the parallel mechanism configuration of the class Delta printer and the degree of freedom of the parallel mechanism are introduced, and according to the experimental results, the parallel mechanism has three degrees of freedom of movement without rotational freedom. On this basis, the position equation of the type Delta parallel manipulator is established, and the position positive solution equation and the position inverse solution equation of the equivalent moving platform are introduced. According to the positive and negative solution equation, we use the MATLAB software to find the working space of the Delta parallel manipulator through the fast polar searching method, and analyze the influence law of the mechanism's track length, the equivalent radius, the connecting rod length and the hinge limit angle on the working space of the mechanism by using the section method.Rapid Prototyping

                   Finally, the material extrusion process of the Melt Rapid prototyping machine is analyzed and studied, and the material is divided into the feeding section, the melting section and the melting section according to the different areas. The pressure analysis, the velocity analysis, the temperature analysis and the length calculation of the solid conveying section are mainly carried out in the feeding section. In the Melt section, the analysis simplifies the process, establishes the model by using the solid-liquid mass balance and the heat balance on the interface of solid-liquid phase, finally simulates the nozzle model with the fluent software, and studies the influence of the size of the mechanism on the results. In the molten section, through the analysis of the convection field and the analysis of the velocity field and modeling, and then using the Fluent software simulation, the paper gives the speed and pressure diagram of the fluent calculation, and then analyzes the rheological properties of the material in the molten state.Rapid Prototyping