High-performance Metal Parts Manufacturing

               The laser rapid prototyping technology of high performance metal parts has made remarkable progress in research and application development, and has shown a good development prospect, but at the same time, it should be aware that laser rapid prototyping technology brings material composition, while the structure, performance and the shape of the parts are highly flexible, the forming process and the internal quality control are also put forward, and the melting process, alloying and reaction, solidification behavior of the alloy powder in the forming process are deeply familiar with the different application directions. The control law of stress formation and evolution, defects and interface.Metal Parts Manufacturing

               Laser rapid prototyping technology of high performance metal parts is a kind of advanced manufacturing technology which combines rapid prototyping manufacturing technology and laser cladding technology. The technology through the high power laser melting synchronous transmission of raw materials powder (pre-alloying powder, element mixing powder, metal and ceramic powder, etc.) or silk, in the deposition of the substrate with the movement of a point-by-layer stacking material, through continuous growth to prepare parts. The technology has the following characteristics:Metal Parts Manufacturing

               (1) Break through the traditional processing methods of the restrictions, no part blank and large-scale casting, casting equipment and molds, can achieve the integration of material preparation and forming, significantly shorten the manufacturing cycle of parts, reduce manufacturing costs, improve the utilization of materials; (2) in the same system can be made of different materials parts manufacturing, with a wide range of materials and design adaptability; (3) The deposited parts have dense microstructure and good overall performance, and (4) can be easily adjusted and controlled by materials and processes, To achieve the integration of a variety of materials on the same 10 pieces of manufacturing, to meet the different parts of the different performance needs. This technology is a new type of digital addition material forming technology, in aerospace and other High-tech fields and national defense equipment construction has an important development and application prospects, in recent years, has been the research and related application part of extensive attention. This paper focuses on the progress of the above-mentioned aspects at home and abroad, and analyzes the key issues to be solved.Metal Parts Manufacturing