Focus On Sheet Metal Stamping Automatic Equipment Reverse Development ‖ Speed Technology

At the Hanover industrial fair in 2013, "industry 4.0" concept by Germany "industrial 4.0 group". Since then, this concept was deeply implanted with the core of intelligent automation industries, intensive artificial production cannot meet before the modern enterprise, high labor costs and low efficiency, material waste, enterprises are facing labor shortage and recruitment difficulties are also problems. Production efficiency as a manufacturing company will first consider the issue, forcing businesses to renewal and modernization of equipment, improve the automation of equipment, thereby reducing labor costs. Apple products in China's largest contractor Foxconn start in 2010 plans to introduce intelligent robots in 2013-2015 two years proved to be effective, reduced 50%, efficiency instead. In the stamping industry, multiple manipulator for punch lines, three-in-one feeder, two in one feeder plate, servo feeder, precision and heavy plate leveling machine, heavy materials such as equipment is essential to support an automated production equipment, they can greatly improve productivity, reduce labor costs and accident rates.

Kunshan speed of mechanical science and Technology Co Ltd began operations in 2004, formerly known as Taiwan veteran punch press feeder manufacturer, specialized in automation series press surrounding the whole plant equipment, independent research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one. Our products are widely used in home appliances, furniture, auto parts, metal, stamping, electronic, electrical, communications, aviation and other fields, 12 years practical to provide customers with high-quality punching solutions to win friends for sure. Also assist SMEs in transition successfully automate lean manufacturing to help domestic industry leading enterprises implement automation. In 2013, the company can speed project in Chongqing intelligent machinery equipment co, cooperation with local science and technology focused on research and development of auto parts with high tension, high steel plate coil feeding leveling machine for stamping (three-in-one feeder) and multi-link manipulator and other special equipment. Deep non-customized full according to customer product characteristics, production process, improve, reverse press automation equipment of the real needs of the customers, to better service the rapid development of automobile parts stamping industry.

In past of 10, most customer will because equipment investment cost factors select using "material frame + whole flat machine + sent material machine" or "material frame whole flat machine + sent material machine" of form to for production, but used points poses stamping line to stamping in the thick Board material, volume material very easy bulk material, material head into material difficult, usually to more people manual sent material, very easy injury people, whole flat drum very easy was designated injury, follow-up maintenance using cost high, and a volume material need spent is long of time Shang material, and into material, greatly of consumption has customer effective production time And how people work together, in today's rising labor costs, greatly increase the customer's cost.

At present, the stamping plate savvy consumers would choose to speed energy technology research and development of three-in-one feeder match precision punch as the punch line of automation equipment, sophisticated processing technology, process optimization, lean management, will significantly reduce the original cost. Because of the three-in-one feeder has a fully functional, high rigidity + imported servo motor control system of compact structure, stable running, easy to use, the whole flat feed precision high wear parts for less wear and tear, use of a machine, such as characteristics, highly ergonomic. 

This selection will be able to:

1, and raw materials open, correction, sent material three machine one structure compact, and accounted for to space small, simplified stamping production process, while upgrade has whole flat, and sent material precision; 2, and Shang material Taiwan car achieved automatically Shang material, supporting material arm tie whole flat into material pressure head device achieved material of automation into material, a people on can easily operation machine Taiwan, achieved automation of Shang material open, greatly save human cost; 3, and hydraulic/pneumatic pressure material arm tie block material arm, from essentially solution has thick Board volume material bulk material problem. 4, feeding leveling machine head with screw lifting function, mold testing, debugging is very simple. 5, trolleys, racks, leveling, feeding capabilities to control all in independent control the machine, easy to operate, high degree of automation. 6, equipped with centralized lubrication system, three-in-one feeder parts, parts can be centralized and effective lubrication, maintenance is simple, the failure rate is very low. 7, can be automatically monitored material feeding machine synchronized with the punch line.

At present, the speed of research and development of NC servo feeder has been gradually replacing the mechanical scroll wheel feeder market share, is widely used in high precision progressive stamping, stamping customer base, using the ratio has reached more than 40%.

1, precision NC servo feeder using a full set of Japan import control system (Mitsubishi PLC, Panasonic servo motor and drive), stable performance, high precision feed.

2, easy to operate, high degree of automation. Traditional wheel sent material machine set or change step from Shi are need through regulation eccentric disc to achieved, for eccentric disc loaded in punch output axis location, so regulation is not variable, and adjustment range by limited, and NC servo sent material machine of step from can through touch screen entered way achieved, simple convenient, and set range wide, can from 0-9999.99mm, upgrade has sent material machine of using range, while upgrade has effective work time, let customer real in investment minimum of premise Xia achieved benefits maximize.

These two points is its relative advantage of wheel feeder, and because of this, it is gradually replacing the roller feeder, press feeding choice became customers.

Continuing operations, sustainable service, grow with the customers in each of our pursuit of constant bit rate capable!