Design Of Forming Mould For Automobile Precision Plastic Parts Manufacturing

                 The plastic parts of the car, such as the coil skeleton, base, fuse box, lamp holder, chip-type fuse, center distribution box, sheath, push frame, Reed Platoon assembly and housings are mostly used injection molding, because these plastic parts themselves have a higher design accuracy, so that these plastic pieces can not be used in conventional injection molding, but must be precision injection molding technology. In order to ensure the performance, quality and reliability of the precision plastic parts of the car, the plastic products with higher quality and meet the requirements of the product design must be continuously improved in plastic materials, injection molding equipment and moulds and injection molding processes.Plastic Parts Manufacturing

                 The precision of the injection molding is judged by the precision of the injection molded product, that is, the dimension tolerance, the form-position tolerance and the surface roughness. To carry out precision injection molding must have a lot of relevant conditions, and the most essential is the plastic materials, injection molds, injection molding technology and injection molding equipment these four basic factors. When designing plastic products, the engineering plastics materials should be selected first, and the engineering plastics which can be used for precision injection molding must be chosen for materials with high mechanical properties, stable size, good creep resistance and environmental stress cracking. Second, according to the choice of plastic materials, finished product size accuracy, weight, quality requirements and the expected mold structure to choose the applicable injection molding machine. In the process of processing, the factors affecting the precision injection molding products mainly from the precision of the mold, injection molding shrinkage, as well as the environmental temperature and humidity range of products.Plastic Parts Manufacturing

                In precision injection molding, mold is used to achieve quality requirements of precision plastic products, one of the key, precision injection mold should be in line with the product size, precision and shape requirements. But even if the precision and size of the molds are consistent, the actual size of the molded plastic products will vary with the shrinkage. Therefore, it is very important to control the shrinkage rate of plastic products effectively in the precision injection molding technology.Plastic Parts Manufacturing