Classification Of Rapid Prototyping

                Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed in the the 1990s, which is a key common technology for new product development service of manufacturing enterprises, which has a positive effect on promoting enterprise product innovation, shortening new product development cycle and improving product competitiveness. Since the advent of the technology, has been widely used in the manufacturing industry in developed countries, and thus produced a new technology field.Rapid Prototyping

                SLS Selective laser sintering technology: SLS Selection Laser sintering technology is through the advance of a layer of powder material (metal powder or non-metallic powder), and then let the laser under the control of the computer in accordance with the interface profile information on the solid part of the powder sintering, and then continue to circulate, layers of formation. The method has the properties of simple manufacturing process, wide selection of materials, low cost and fast molding speed, and is mainly used in foundry industry.Rapid Prototyping

               DLP Laser Molding Technology: DLP laser Molding technology and SLA stereo lithography technology comparison, however, it is the use of high-resolution digital light processor (DLP) projector to solidify liquid light polymer, layer by level of light curing, because each layer of curing through the slide-like curing, so faster than the same type of SLA stereo lithography technology speed. The technology has high precision, and can be matched to molded durable plastic parts in material properties, detail and surface finish.Rapid Prototyping

              UV UV Molding Technology: UV-UV molding technology and SLA stereo lithography technology comparison similar, the difference is that it uses UV ultraviolet radiation liquid photosensitive resin, one layer by bottom of the stack forming, the process of forming no noise generated, in the same technology in the formation of the highest precision, usually used in high precision requirements of jewelry and mobile phone shell and other industries.Rapid Prototyping