Automobile Plastic Parts Manufacturing

                 This paper introduces the injection moulding method of Mppo, PMMA, PA6, PA66, PC, pp, PBT, pet and all kinds of engineering plastic alloy for the special modification of low-voltage electronic appliance, and discusses the main points of operation control of different modified materials in injection molding. (All kinds of modified materials gloss, impact resistance, comprehensive performance is good, can be machined on the general injection molding machine, but easily degraded at high temperature, affecting the mechanical properties and surface quality of products, so in equipment selection, mold design, process parameters selection, product defects in the process to consider this point.

                 The general use of plastic parts in automobiles is of great significance to the development of automobile industry, plastic parts can not only reduce the quality of automobiles, save energy, make the car more safe and comfortable, plastic parts are more resistant to atmospheric corrosion than metal, gasoline-resistant, easy to process and molding and reduce production costs.Plastic Parts Manufacturing

                 Damage of plastic parts and adhesives, the surface of the plastic parts of the car will be damaged when the film is affected to the parts of the body, so that it produces the corresponding damage. To repair the damaged film, first of all, plastic parts should be repaired, so that it reaches the requirements of spraying topcoat, the general use of chemical binder bonding.Plastic Parts Manufacturing

                 The scratches and cracks of plastic parts are usually repaired by binder, and the repair process is as follows: Cleaning the parts of water and plastic cleaning agent, removing wax and degreasing on the surface of the joint; Before using the binder, the plastic parts should be heated to about 20 ℃, the catalyst will be sprayed on the side of the crack, and then the binder will be applied on the side, and the scratches or cracks should be pressed to the original position, and the good bonding effect can be obtained after approximately 1min. The bonding site should have 3~12h hardening time to achieve maximum bonding strength.Plastic Parts Manufacturing