Anhui Single Maximum Acceptance Of NC Machine Tool Will Be Shipped To The United States

Original title: our province's single largest CNC machine line

On April 28, a electro-hydraulic servo bending machine CNC machine tool manufacturing co line line from Anhui Jaco, is sent to the United States. This bending machine about 7 meters long, 12 meters high, called "Big Mac", maximum pressure up to 3000 tons, Max length of 12 meters, weight 430 tons, which is now the single largest CNC machine tools in our province. In March this year, ordering the machine's United States customers and machine tool experts made a special trip to Jaco on this "Big Mac" machine tool technical inspection, also signed two of the same model machine tools.

Jaco machine first half of 2015 located in bowang, end of August of the same year officially put into operation. Jaco machine using ex-machine tool products foreign trade accumulated technical and business resources, firmly pegged to the European market for high-end CNC machine tools, high build "bowang wisdom". After went into production, export orders and exports worth 9 million dollars in just 4 months, the production of more than 240 different types of machine tools products are all exported to. This spring Canton fair, Jaco machine stand out in many domestic machine tool companies, in one fell swoop to sign orders for 2.5 million dollars. Today, the Brewpub's machine tool orders had row to the end of July, optimistic about the export situation, exports this year are expected to reach US $ 13 million.