Analysis Of Modern Development Trend Of Rapid Prototyping

     Rapid prototyping technology from the forming point of view, the part can be seen as a "point" or "surface" overlay. The geometrical information of "point" or "surface" is obtained from the CAD electronic model, and then combined with the forming process parameter information, the control material is regularly and accurately from the point to the surface, and the parts are stacked from the face to the body. The application of RP technology in the field of mechanical manufacturing is due to its own characteristics, which makes it widely used in the field of mechanical manufacturing, which is more useful for manufacturing single parts and small quantities of metal parts. Some special complex parts, because only one piece of production, or less than 50 pieces of small batches, generally can be used RP technology directly molding, low-cost, short cycle.Rapid Prototyping
    When we choose the use of rapid prototyping, for its quality in all aspects of the use of nature, it is necessary for us to pay attention to, but also need us to have a certain degree of attention in these quality, is to ensure that we use the time can get a better use of the effect, these for its service life is the existence of a very large security nature. 3D printing technology is a series of rapid prototyping technology collectively, its basic principles are laminated manufacturing, from the rapid prototyping machine in the X-y plane through the scanning form of the workpiece section shape, while the z-coordinate discontinuity in the level of thickness of the displacement, the final form of three-dimensional workpiece. At present, the rapid prototyping technology in the market is divided into 3DP technology, FDM melting layer forming technology, SLA stereo lithography technology, SLS selection laser sintering, DLP laser forming technology and UV ultraviolet molding technology.Rapid Prototyping
    Now this rapid prototyping is one of the advanced technology, its use can make the technology industry to get a better development.Rapid Prototyping
    At present, the rapid prototyping technology mainly used in industry, and some domestic enterprises have begun to follow up such advanced technology, providing professional rapid prototyping services, enterprises through the industry to provide high-quality rapid prototyping technology, leading the rapid development of the domestic industry. Rapid tooling is one of the important directions of rapid prototyping technology. At present, it is very beneficial to make rapid tooling manufacturing with rapid prototyping technology. Since the advent of technology, has been widely used in the manufacturing industry in developed countries, and thus produced a new technology field.Rapid Prototyping