Analysis Of Direction Of Stamping Sheet Metal Industry In China

"China's machine tool business" review: sheet metal industry as an important industry in the metal processing industry, is the Foundation of mechanical manufacturing industry, which reflect the level of development of a country's competitiveness of manufacturing technology. Sheet metal industry and its products in the automotive, electronics, telecommunications, medical equipment, machinery, shipbuilding, aviation and other areas, using a very wide range. Sheet metal industry in the rapid development at the same time, there are still some drawbacks of some enterprises.

First, stamped sheet metal industry development in our country of the six directions

As sheet metal manufacturing centres in the world, China will further the advancement of the firm with China's process of integration into the global economic environment and the economic power of the fast-growing, China has become the most dynamic economic region in the world. Improve China's economic facilities, the industry has developed more mature and relatively low labour costs, has become a global comparative advantage of sheet metal manufacturing center, sheet metal manufacturing export-oriented development features.

Center status of strengthening first performance in in recent years hardware products of export full growth: main sheet metal gold products of export growth are above production of growth, more above domestic market sales of growth; main sheet metal gold products full flowering, not only electric tool, and hand tool, and building hardware products these traditional of export big class products increases is high, and yiqian export share is unlikely to of kitchen electric products and bathroom products 2004 years of export growth also is obviously. The huge market and centre of gravity to attract further transfer of sheet metal manufacturing center of multinational companies to China.

Inter-firm cooperation will significantly strengthen

In an environment of global competition, in order to obtain a favourable competitive position and enhance its competitiveness, industrial capital was another topic of industry. 2004 supor, Vantage has listed, hbl also listed efforts, Van Hoa capital markets operations there would not be with the Guangdong meiya restructuring failed to stop. From the perspective of capital, expansion of the current main feature is the capital intensified. From the competition point of view, the cooperation of resource sharing among enterprises increased.

Polarization of enterprises will further exacerbate the

The next few years will be the high speed oscillation period of the sheet metal industry, direct consequences of this shock is the current trend of polarization in the sheet metal kitchen brand camp expanded. Truly capable of surviving in the market in the coming years is expected sheet metal company is absolutely not so much now. Sheet metal industry this shock will bring great opportunities, the shock result would be to make the market more rational.

Increasingly fierce competition between sales channels

Because of the glut of domestic metal kitchen products, quality pressure increases, the channel became one of the key competitive factors, increasingly fierce competition for channel. On one hand, kitchen appliances manufacturer has strengthened control of the retail Terminal, strive to reduce sales cycles, save the cost of sales, sales channels, to the professional development, enterprise sales model can adapt to a variety of market direction. The other hand, the sales trend in the development of large home appliance chain's rising status, control of industry capacity, participated in and led mainly by the manufacturer before leading price competition. Large retailers, with its broad market coverage, scale and cost advantages in product pricing, payment for delivery of the production enterprise of control will be increasingly enhanced.

Competition in the market towards higher-quality products, high technology content as the competition progressed, all phases of the sheet metal industry profit margins are compressed, increasingly reduced room for the price. More and more businesses recognize that price competition alone cannot build the core competitiveness, not a long-term development direction, to explore a new development path. Many hardware companies increase investment in technology, development of new products with high technology, product differentiation as a sustainable enterprise development, seek new market demands, new points of economic growth (entered as small household appliances and other similar industries), in order to realize sustainable development.