Characteristics Of Rapid Prototyping

  Rapid prototyping technology, also known as RP Technology, is referred to as RPM. In the automotive application industry is called RP Sample.

  RP Technology is developed on the basis of modern CAD/CAM technology, laser technology, computer numerical control technology, precision Servo drive technology and new material technology. Different kinds of rapid prototyping systems have different forming principle and system characteristics because of different forming materials. However, the basic principle is the same, that is, "layered manufacturing, layered stacking", similar to the mathematical integration process. Figuratively speaking, the rapid prototyping system is like a "Stereo printer".Rapid Prototyping

  It can directly accept product design (CAD) data without having to prepare any tooling, tooling, or fixture, and quickly create samples, moulds or models of new products. Therefore, the application of RP technology can greatly shorten the new product development cycle, reduce the development cost and improve the development quality. From the traditional "removal method" to today's "growth method", from the mold manufacturing to the die-free manufacturing, this is RP technology on the revolutionary significance of manufacturing.Rapid Prototyping

  RP Technology will be a solid complex three-dimensional processing discrete into a series of layers of processing, greatly reducing the processing difficulty, with the following characteristics:

  Shan forming the whole process of rapid, suitable for the modern fierce product market;

  Shan can make any complex shape of three-dimensional entities;

  Shan is directly driven by CAD model to achieve high integration of design and manufacture, and its intuitive and easy modification provides excellent design environment for the perfect design of the product.

  Shan Molding process without special fixture, tooling, cutting tools, not only cost savings, but also shorten the production cycle.Rapid Prototyping

  The high integration of Shan technology is not only the inevitable product of the development of modern science and technology, but also the comprehensive application of them.Rapid Prototyping

  The above characteristics determine RP technology is mainly suitable for new product development, rapid single piece and small batch parts manufacturing, complex shape parts manufacturing, mold and model design and manufacturing, also suitable for difficult processing materials manufacturing, Shape design inspection, assembly inspection and rapid reverse engineering.