Manufacturing Process Of Plastic Parts Manufacturing

   There are a lot of plastic molding methods, the following list of six main molding methods

1, injection molding also known as injection molding.

2, extrusion molding is also known as extrusion molding. is one of the main molding of thermoplastics

3, hollow molding and blow molding

4, compression molding also known as pressing molding. The upper and lower mold is mounted between the upper and lower templates of the press, the plastic material is directly added into the cavity, the mould is closed, the plastic is filled with the cavity under the heat pressure, and the plastic workpiece is cured after the solidification.

5, Pressure injection molding also known as transfer molding. It is also one of the main molding methods of thermosetting plastics. It is the plastic particles loaded into the mold feeding room, in heating, under pressure molten plastic through the mold feeding room at the bottom of the pouring system filled with cavity, and then solidified molding

6, solid-phase molding so that plastic molding in the melting temperature, no obvious flow in the molding process, more than two plastic sheet molding processing, such as vacuum molding, compressed air molding and pressure molding, etc., the original is used for thin-walled workpiece forming, first used for the manufacture of thick-walled workpiece.

7, other molding calendering, casting molding, rotational molding, foam molding, etc.Plastic Parts Manufacturing

8. Extrusion molding. Extrusion molding is also called squeeze molding or extrusion, it is in the extruder through the heating, pressure and the flow of materials in a continuous manner through the mouth mold molding.

9. Squeeze-Pull molding. Squeeze-pull forming is one of the molding methods of thermosetting fiber reinforced plastics. For the Production section shape fixed, length unrestricted profile. The molding process is the continuous fiber of impregnating resin glue is pulled out by heating mold, then the resin is prepared with unidirectional high-strength continuous reinforced plastic profile through heating chamber to further solidify.Plastic Parts Manufacturing

10, usually used for extrusion molding resin has unsaturated polyester, epoxy and silicone three kinds. Unsaturated polyester resin is used most.Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Pultrusion machine is usually composed of fiber arrangement device, resin trough, preformed device, mouth mould and heating device, traction device and cutting equipment.

11. Injection molding. Injection Molding (injection molding) is a method for making thermoplastic or thermosetting moulding plastics evenly plasticized in a heating barrel and then pushed by a plunger or moving screw into a mold cavity of a closed die.Plastic Parts Manufacturing