2016-China International Industry Fair/metalworking And CNC Machine Tool Show

2016-China International industry fair

Metalworking and CNC machine tool show

Machine tools, sheet metal and tube processing, mould and tools of international events

Time: November 2016 1-5th

Venue: National Exhibition Centre (Shanghai)

Area: 60,000 square meters

Sponsor: the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry, the Ministry of science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering, CCPIT, Shanghai Municipal People's Government

Organizer: Shanghai East best lansheng international trade in services (Holdings) Ltd

The 18th China International industry fair metalworking and CNC machine tool show (MWCS) will take place in November 2016 1-5th at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) was held. This Expo will exceed 230,000 square meters exhibition area, visitors more than 140,000 visitors, exhibition, China once again the largest, exhibiting the highest level of industry fair.

Metalworking and CNC machine tool show (MWCS) as the core of China industry Expo exhibition, the exhibition area of nearly 80,000 square meters, more than 600 exhibitors. MWCS2016 will be maintained on the basis of their characteristics, focusing on distribution of metal-cutting machine tools, metal forming machines, test and measurement equipment, tools and 3D printing are five areas, further attention to basic manufacturing, further strengthening the special high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent manufacturing area, insisted on exhibiting high-end CNC equipment made in China to 2025, to build a high-end metal processing platform.

Metal-cutting machine tools exhibition

NC machine and metal processing exhibition (MWCS) exhibition area 80,000 square meters, exhibition enterprise is expected to over 600 home, show various machine and the related products over thousands, covers has processing center, and car, and milling, and boring, and mill, and gear processing, and heavy machine, and electric processing, and bettega machine, and metal 3D print, and NC system and the number explicit device, and machine parts and the auxiliary equipment, and abrasive abrasives, and tool fixture and the test measurement equipment, categories. Bringing together Yamazaki Mazak, Haas, Qin chuan, Shenyang, Kunming machine tool, the North, Francis II, Shanghai, Dalian guangyang, Wenchuan and many other well-known manufacturers of machine tools, as well as from Germany, and Italy, and Turkey, and Japan and the Taiwan Pavilion at the national and regional groups, such as the exhibition.

Host Integration resources, organization of motor vehicles and parts, high-end electronic communications equipment, machinery manufacturing, tooling, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, rail transportation, medical equipment, more than more than 20 key areas of professional buyers attending the event. Exhibition held at the same time "special forum for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", "enlarged innovation Union governing China's automobile manufacturing equipment", "metal cutting Forum" and a number of professional activities, so exhibitors and professional visitors can better interact, the first time for industry information, effectively improve the exhibition proceeds.