Rubber Silicone Compression Mould Making

Product Details

Common mold parts and function

Fixed mold plate (panel): Fix the front mold on the injection molding machine.

Flow channel board (water port board): remove the waste handle when opening the mold, so that it will fall off automatically (three-plate mold).

Fixed mold fixing plate (A plate): the front part of the molded product.

Dynamic mold fixing plate (B plate): the mold part of the molded product.

Pad: Die foot, its role is to make the top plate have enough space for movement.

Push plate: When the mold is opened, the product is pushed out from the mold by pushing the parts through the top rod, the top block, the inclined top and the like.

Movable seat plate (base plate): The rear mold is fixed on the injection molding machine.

Guide column and guide sleeve: play the guiding position, assist the front and rear mold opening, mold and basic positioning.

Support column (head): Improve the strength of the B plate, effectively avoiding the deformation of the B plate caused by long-term production.

Top plate guide column (medium support): Guided positioning push plate to ensure smooth ejection.

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