Prototype Tooling Mould Electronic Parts

Prototype Tooling Mould Electronic Parts
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The prototype mold is formed by a rubber mold correction tool, which is simple in manufacture, low in cost, and the surface of the product is not easily scratched, but the pressure loss is large, and the rounded portion of the part is difficult to form, which is not suitable for a part having a complicated shape and a large depth. Hydroforming eliminates these deficiencies, but when the liquid acts directly on the product, it is critical to solve the sealing problem. Hydraulic--soft rubber molding can overcome the defects of the above two soft mold forming and form part of various complex shapes.

When drawing a curved shape part with a rigid die, there is a free surface area on the bad material that is not in contact with the punch. The stress state is one-pull and one-pressure, which is easy to wrinkle; the stress state in the soft mold is two-way tensile stress, fundamentally eliminates the factors that induce wrinkles.

The soft mold is divided into two types: a soft punch and a soft die. The soft punch is used to form a part having a large plane and a small depth, and the main disadvantage is that the intermediate portion of the blank is easily thinned. When a liquid punch is used, the stability of the blank is not good and the deflection is easy due to the absence of friction between the liquid and the blank. The soft die can be used to form a part with a complex shape and a large depth. Due to the high pressure, the blank is tightly wrapped around the punch, which not only accurately locates the blank, but also has the function of auxiliary forming, which enlarges the one-piece forming of the part. Possibility; in addition, the mold is versatile and simple in structure.

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