Mockup Tools Prototype Tooling Mould

Mockup Tools Prototype Tooling Mould
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Prototype mold, also known as soft mold, is valuable for low-cost molds, which provide pre-production parts that meet market research, manufacturing assembly needs, and dimensionally important performance; or give designers an assessment of some of the less common features. All casting and electroplating processes require a mold that can be replicated, and the quality and durability of the test die depends on the process.


Some molds are produced in less than 100 pieces, while other molds may have up to several dry parts. The exact method should be the project cost and time. Some important molding data can also be obtained from the test mold, which can later be used for formal production of molds. However, since the thermal properties and other characteristics of the test mold are often different from those of the production mold, the processing parameters and the work piece performance should not be expected to be completely consistent with the actual conditions in production

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