Plastic Extrusions Mould Parts

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A type of mold used to form a continuous shape of plastic products, also known as an extrusion molding, is widely used in the processing of pipes, rods, monofilaments, sheets, films, wire and cable coatings, profiles, and the like. The corresponding production equipment is a plastic extruder. The principle is that the solid plastic is melted and plasticized under the conditions of heating and screw rotation of the extruder, and the cross-section and the shape of the die are made through a specific shape of the continuous plastic products. The manufacturing materials mainly include carbon structural steel, alloy tools, etc. Some extrusion dies are also embedded with wear-resistant materials such as diamond on parts that require wear resistance. Extrusion process is usually only applicable to the production of thermoplastic products, which are structurally distinct from injection molds and compression molds.

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