Mould Overmolding Producer

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● The compatibility of TPE and hard rubber structural parts should be matched, the molecular solubility is close, and the compatibility of molecules is better;

● In the design, it is necessary to avoid sharp corners to ensure that the TPE is in good contact with the hard rubber parts and enhance the bonding effect;

● Use appropriate exhaust to avoid gas in the mold cavity;

● balance the thickness of the TPE with the expected tactile sensation;

● Maintain the temperature of the TPE melt to ensure the bonding effect.

● TPE material overmolding needs to be processed by baking to reduce the water mark on the surface of the product and obtain the uniform color of the surface;

● The selected colorant is compatible with the TPE and structural materials;

● Special treatment is required for the smooth surface, the purpose is to increase the bonding surface between the soft rubber and the hard rubber to enhance the bonding effect;

● TPE should have good fluidity. Because TPE has a small thickness to size ratio, TPE usually needs to flow through a long path and a thin wall to fill the mold.

● TPE flow length / product thickness ratio is less than 150:1;

● Use a good adhesive.

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