Stainless Steel Lock Parts Metal Injection Molding

Stainless Steel Lock Parts Metal Injection Molding
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Stainless Steel Lock Parts Metal Injection Molding

  MIM is applicable to wide range of materials which includes low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel-based alloys, tungsten alloy, carbide, titanium, magnetic materials, Kovar alloy and fine ceramics, etc.Meta Injection Molding (MIM) is a high-tech near net shape technology to mass production of small metal parts with complex shape, high precision and performance requirement. MIM technology has its advantages over traditional powder metallurgy, machining, investment casting, and other alternative methods. MIM parts can now be found in all areas of life, from our cars and trucks to watches, dental braces, mobile phones, IT equipment, DIY tools and much more.

automotive, commercial aerospace, cellular telephones, dental instruments, electronic heat sinks and hermetic packages, electrical connector hardware,industrial tools, fiber optic connectors, fluid spray systems, hard disk drives, pharmaceutical devices, power hand-tools, surgical instruments, and sporting equipment.

Product Name

Metal Injection Molding for Home Electronic Industry


Stainless steel, Iron-based Alloy




Non-standard, according to customers' requests.

Material Size


Surface treatment

Zinc plating,chrome palting,nickel plating,painting,sand blasting,powder coating,polishing,anodized,baking finish,oxidation,electroplate,passivate

Product Scope 

Turning,milling,grinding,lathe,boring,drilling,punching,tapping,wire-electrode-cutting,machining certer,MIM(Metal Injection Molding)etc.


Electronics industry, auto parts, medical equipment, sports equipment,smart bathroom, high speek rainway,etc.

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