Powder Metallurgy Metal Injection Molding Parts

Powder Metallurgy Metal Injection Molding Parts
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MIM(Metal powder Injection Molding) is the 5th generation of metal forming technology.  Over 40 years of development, people gradually find more applications for MIM process especially in the 3C products application. From initial groping to mature stage, MIM technology witness the ups and downs of 3C products in the past ten years.
Fortunately, there are several parts of design such as hinges, fiber optic connector bases, and new style connectors are closely dependent on MIM technology. These products are being produced in a large number and MIM technology is being adopted by more and more.

MIM and CIM--Drome can provide one-stop service solution.
The basic attributes include:
1.Economical production of complex parts with weight from 0.03 to 200g from high-performance engineering materials.
2.Parts with high dimensional precision (±0.1%~±0.5%) and good surface quality (surface roughness 1~2μm).
3.Parts with high relative density (96%~100%), homogeneous microstructure and superior performance.
4.Adaptable to powders of various materials and wide application of the parts.
5.Material saving through the recycle of wastes, production process with high level of automation and suitable for mass production.

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