Metal Injecting Moulding Parts

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Metal powder injection molding technology is a multi-disciplinary and cross-product of plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science. It can mold injection blanks and quickly produce high density and high precision through sintering. The three-dimensional complex shape structural parts can quickly and accurately transform the design ideas into products with certain structure and functional characteristics, and can directly produce parts in batches, which is a new revolution in the manufacturing technology industry. The process technology not only has the advantages of less conventional powder metallurgy process, no cutting or less cutting, high economic efficiency, but also overcomes the defects of traditional powder metallurgy process products, uneven material, low mechanical properties, and difficulty in forming thin walls and complicated structures. It is especially suitable for mass production of small, complex and special metal parts.


Process binder → mixing → injection molding → degreasing → sintering → post-treatment.

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