Export Injection Mould to Europe USA

Product Details

The main difference between the exported mold and non-exported mold is the guide sleeve and the ejector pin. All the outlet molds must be filled with pipe nails and side locks.

1. Mold: Use the “lkm” formwork.

2. The guide column is flipped (front mold guide post, rear mold guide sleeve).

3. There must be two pipe pins between the panel and the plate for the pipe position.

4. The ejector plate must have a guide post (ie, a middle torus).

5. Steel: commonly used hardening materials km2083, lkm2344, lkm2767. Generally hardened to 52 ~ 54hrc.

6. Positioning ring: The positioning ring should be 4mm higher than the panel. If there is a heat insulation board, the positioning ring should be 4mm higher than the heat insulation board. Common positioning ring diameter: ø90, ø100, ø110, ø120, ø125, ø150, ø160.

7. Grinding arc: commonly used flat (ie flat) and r15.5. The minimum opening of the mouth of the beak is guaranteed to be ø3.5mm.

8. The thimble and the cylinder are equipped with the “dme” and “hasco” standards.

9. Water inlet: common diving and hot runners (commonly used dme, masterflow)

10. Slider: The slider should be positioned and limited. (Commonly used bead screw, spring positioning, cup head screw limit).

11. Briquetting: Commonly used cup screws and flat head screws for briquetting screws.

12. Inclined top: The inclined top is to be used as a guide slider and wear block, and the material is made of bronze.

13. Connection block:

14. Water stopper: 1/4" brs and 1/8" brs with "hasco".

15. Water connection hole: The mold should be processed up and down, and the mold should not be processed. The common specifications are: ø20x20, ø25x20.

16. Marking: There are often part names, part numbers, company names, cavity marks, material marks, recyclable signs, and date stamps.

17. Mold surface requirements: sparkerusion, polished , photo etched.

18. There must be a lock module (two) between the mold blanks A and B.

19. The mold package is made of butter, transparent plastic bag and disinfected wooden box.

20. Mold label: mold number, part number, product name, date of manufacture, mold weight.