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At present, in the plastic mold industry, there are three major categories of mold standard in the world: the Japanese mold standard, the North American mold standard, and the European mold standard.

Japan's mold standard is JIS STANDARD, the most commonly used standards are MISUMI plastic mold parts standard, PUNCH plastic mold parts standard, Ikegami gold mold part standard, Fudeba mold standard, and Jialilai standard parts, Dongfa purple Standard parts such as springs.

The North American mold standard mainly refers to the mold standards applied in North American countries such as the United States, Colombia and Canada, and the mold classification standard (SPI AN-102-78) developed by the Society of the Plastics Industry, which divides the plastic mold into 5 Levels.

Plastic molds exported to the United States are high-end commodity molds. The most famous mold standard parts suppliers are DME, PCS and Progressive. These three standard parts systems are widely used in North America countries such as the United States, Canada and Colombia. The specific selection needs to be based on customers.

The European mold standard mainly refers to the plastic mold standard system of major industrial developed countries such as Germany, Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. The most commonly used European injection molds are the HASCO standard of Germany, the STRACK standard of Germany, and the EOC standard of Germany, the British DMS standard, the US DME European specifications (metric standard parts), the French ROUBARDIN standard and the Austrian MEUSBURGER standard, the most famous of which is the German HASCO standard.