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The American Society of Plastics Industry (SPI AN-102-78) divides molds into five categories. These five types of molds each have different requirements, and this type of mold is only suitable for molds with injection molding machines of 400 tons or less. This standard is based on the life of the mold, and the mold is graded and widely used in the export mold industry. This standard for mold classification is gradually becoming an international standard.

A 101 type mold life of up to 1 million times and above, is a long-term production of precision molds. The requirements are as follows:

(1) Detailed mold design drawings are required.

(2) The hardness of the mold blank material is at least 280BN (HRC 30, DME#2 steel / 4140 steel).

(3) The front and rear mold cores must at least reach the hardness range of HRC48-50. Hardened tool steel should be used for all other accessories such as sliders, sloping roofs, press blocks and the like.

(4) The ejector mechanism should have a central support orientation.

(5) The inclined surface and the bottom surface of the slider must be equipped with wear plates.

(6) The temperature control system shall be installed in the front mold, the rear mold, the slider or other places where the mold is needed.

(7) In the life of the mold, due to the erosion of the cooling water pipeline, the quality of the product is degraded and the injection cycle is increased. It is recommended to have an insert or template for cooling the water to be galvanized.

(8) All molds of this type are equipped with a zero degree side lock.

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