Aluminum Extrusion Mould for Heat Sink

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Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion

1. Improve the deformation ability of aluminum. Aluminum is in a strong three-direction compressive stress state in the extrusion deformation zone, and its plasticity can be fully exerted to obtain a large deformation amount.

2. The comprehensive quality of the products is high. Extrusion can improve the microstructure of aluminum and improve its mechanical properties. After quenching and aging, the mechanical properties of the extruded product in the longitudinal direction (extrusion direction) are much higher than those produced by other processing methods. Compared with processing methods such as rolling and forging, the extruded product has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.

3. A wide range of products. Extrusion can not only produce tubes, rods and wires with simple cross-section shapes, but also produce solid and hollow profiles with very complicated cross-section shapes, variable-section profiles with progressively varying sections along the length of the product, many of which are Shaped articles cannot be formed by other plastic processing methods. Extruded products are also available in a wide range of sizes, from super-large tubes and profiles with a diameter of 500-1000 mm to ultra-small precision profiles with a cross-section size.

4. Great production flexibility. Extrusion has great flexibility. It can be used to produce different shapes, sizes and varieties of products on the same equipment by changing the mold. The replacement of the mold is simple, convenient, time-consuming and efficient.

5. The process is simple, equipment investment is small. Compared with pipe and profile production processes such as piercing and rolling, and through-rolling, extrusion molding has the advantages of short process flow, low equipment quantity and low investment.