Ningbo: beilun district planning six "innovative actions" promoting the development of mold industry intellectual property innovation base

Since last year May 28 in beilun cross Dr community opening brand established Ningbo city mold industry intellectual property innovation base yilai, around speed up advance mold industry transformation upgrade, beilun district to the base for carrier, and to advance intellectual property strategy implementation for hand, plan implementation has technology innovation, and mode innovation, and service innovation, and financial innovation, and protection innovation, and talent innovation, six big "innovation action", and made has more significantly of stage results, by has national intellectual property Council main led of height certainly. 2015 the base added national high-tech Enterprise 6 home, and provincial Enterprise Technology Center 1 home, and city level patent model enterprise 3 home, 4 Home mold enterprise was batch city level invention patent industrialization model project, base Enterprise patent authorized volume and the invention patent authorized volume achieved turned times growth, led Enterprise economic significantly upgrade, the base within high-end mold and the auto parts industry Park Enterprise output, and tax and profit respectively compared growth 18.87%, and 10.54% and 16.23%, significantly above rules Shang industrial average level.