Mould industry innovation base of intellectual property was established

Washington (reporter Yi He correspondent Wang Huyu) base of mould industry in China's first intellectual property rights innovation in beilun Heng Yang community unveiled a few days ago.

Heng Yang, beilun district communities are the country's first industrial community on mold industry, community more than a total of more than 600 companies, high-end die casting mould enterprises has more than 400 enterprises. Mould enterprise with annual sales of 6 billion yuan, the industrial sales income of 60% more than the total area, is die first base, by China die and mould industry association awarded "mould town" title.

In recent years, the beilun mould industry transformation and upgrading rapidly, achieve the shift from simple sells molds to manufacture products, forming die-casting mold manufacturing and auto parts production and development of new formats. "Thanks to the implementation of intellectual property strategy, a group of mould enterprises to be reborn, competitiveness has been greatly enhanced. "Municipal intellectual property Bureau official said. The community has more than 40 companies to become a world-class car (parts) suppliers at the enterprise level.