Industry experts, senior engineers Fang Xiang: Yangzhou 3D first person

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Born in January 1956, Yangzhou city mold technology association, Jiangsu Province, China mould industry association members of the expert group. In 2011, the first introduction of 3D printing technologies in Yangzhou. Has served as Deputy Director, senior engineer of the plastics factory in Yangzhou city; spray products Senior Vice President and General Manager of Yangzhou; XI ' an Jiaotong University Science and technology park of Yangzhou Research Director and other staff.

Never went to College, have become experts in mold industry, instructed the first aluminium aerosol can production line technical conversion.

Fang Xiang, born in Yangzhou "grass-roots experts", two years ago, in XI an Jiaotong University the first exposure to a 3D printer, with decades of exposure to mold industry sensitive, he is aware that 3D printing technologies will be epoch-making technological innovations, has broad market prospect. In his efforts, Yangzhou introduction of 3D printing technology for the first time.

Oftentimes in the mold industry for decades, until you recognize the 3D printing, he sensitively realized that this technology will be the landmark of technological innovation, not only have broad market prospects, will shape the industry's ecosystem. Therefore, in his research efforts, Yangzhou introduction of 3D printing technology for the first time.

Fang Xiang always have one wish: I hope that this industrialization of advanced production technology. In order to use this technology out, Fang Xiang, led his team into the corporate site introduction.

On July 20, 2012, this newspaper with the Yangzhou manufacturing tried ' rapid prototyping ', under the title, Yangzhou, to members of the public for the first time revealed the mystery of 3D printing technology.

Fang Xiang told reporters, after newspaper reports, batch after batch of business owners to visit XI ' an Jiaotong University Science and technology park of Yangzhou. Of the advanced manufacturing technologies and they are showing strong interest, also winning orders.

"The single biggest order from, a printing fee of '7000 Yuan, the largest orders came from an auto parts manufacturer, using 3D printing technology to produce dozens of parts. ”

Late last year, "the toothbrush industry association, Jiangsu Province" founding Conference held in hangji, Fang Xiang at the venue to toothbrush firm executives introduced the 3D printed sources, methods, advantages and results, received very good results, "toothbrush handle often a new, constantly changing the die is a very troublesome thing, and 3D printing can be quickly resolved. ”

Due to 3D printing product price is calculated in grams, is expensive. But Fang Xiang acknowledged that with the increasingly sophisticated 3D printing technology, costs will be controlled, Yangzhou 3D print the spring will come.