Dongguan mould occupation industry vantage point

Today, the Nineth Guangdong Dongguan mold manufacturing? Dongguan hengli machinery exhibition 201,500 ox-style Festival, activities for a period of 4 days, will focus on mold industry high-end technical hengli Centennial and ox style.

Showcasing frontier-technique of 3D printing

This exhibition new 3D printing hengli mold industry cooperative Innovation Center and two large display area. From Dongguan d 10 3D printing company of the printing industry Union hold together exhibitors, 3D printing service area, model making and design district and other booth to form 3D printing technology Street, showcasing frontier-technique of 3D printing.

Mould industry association, Liu jianye: "mold is the mother of industry, it was designed to do this, in recent years hengli is driving a lot of development, 3D printing must be a trend, but is helpful for moulds, because they can accelerate the speed, manufactured products. ”

Collaborative Innovation Center, promoting the development of mold industry

In recent years, Heng Li town exploring out of a traditional mould-oriented industrial clusters to implement new ways of synergetic innovation, through collaborative innovation Center "locomotive" the role of enterprises and universities, enterprises and financial cooperation, according to reports, technological innovation and financial innovation hengli die dual-engine ensures that the output value of more than 20% for 3 consecutive years of growth.