35 die during grasping market opportunities

"China's machine tool business" review: China mould development, the first step of starting with technology, establish a sound intellectual property system. Again after applying gradual accumulation of industrial technology, realize their own production of the chemical industry and improve industrial competitiveness. During 35 as a whole, China will be the challenges and opportunities of the market environment.

Development of high-end equipment manufacturing, without industry support. At present, the ROC was the mould production and application of power, but reformed into developments in the decades since, local mold industrial strength with the international advanced level there is a big gap, a large number of high-end products can only rely on imports to meet domestic demand for industrial. The national mold industry, is undoubtedly the development of war.

Then, in the rapid development of industrial societies, local die industry will rise through what means? Strengthening intellectual property rights improve the technical reserves

Independent research and development is the primary way of enterprises obtained independent intellectual property rights, research and development is the main driving force for casting mold industry, independent research and development capacity of China's mould industry is still very weak, at present, the casting mould's primary development goals continues to be developed. Therefore, only technically divorced from China's mold industry rely on fundamentally separate.

China's mold industry should increase investment in scientific research, actively cultivating research talent, developed a number of mold production technology with independent intellectual property; for home and could not break through the bottleneck, to actively introduce and absorb.

Meanwhile, in addition to continuously enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection, government departments should do more to encourage support measures for domestic enterprise developing high-end equipment manufacturing to create a good environment, so as to further promote the development of mould manufacturing.

35 local mold challenge and opportunities

At present, China's mould industry is mostly concentrated in middle and low areas, mold technology is low, low value-added, part high-precision mold also depends on imports, domestic manufacture in various areas to strengthen integration. Overall, 35, is a challenge and opportunity of China die market.

Foreign capital mold brand challenges remain. China's mold industry face competitive pressure mainly in developed countries technological advantage and price advantage for developing countries, need to know, development and progress of industrial molds, not just Chinese, Southeast Asian and Eastern European countries in recent years, industrial mold development soon, its price advantage is obvious in the mold, which to some extent undermined China's mold industry has always been a cost and price advantage. In addition, Japan and South Korea in the high-end market on the strength of Western Europe to China's mold industry faces huge challenges.

Mould production and increasing demand in the market. With China's Twelve-Five planning and implementation, as well as the development of new strategic industries policy, regional development plans and policies to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry will provide new growth point for the mold industry. Manufacturing transfer to China with developed countries, China's mold industry, ushered in a new round of development opportunity. Luo Baihui believes that to get stronger to improve China's mold industry, increase local technological innovation is a top priority, perfected technical reserves; second, is using 35 industries in China's economic construction and promoting industrial competitiveness, and achieve better sales results.