2014 CNC machine tool industry

Under the 2014-2018 China CNC machine tool industry market forecast analysis in strategic planning and investment analysis report, in recent years, benefiting from national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry environment and strong market demand, domestic machine tool industry technology development, investment enthusiasm. The "Twelve-Five" plan will revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry as the main content of optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, numerical control machine tools have become a focus to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry. Next, we will focus on the development of high-speed CNC metal cutting machines, precision, compounding; heavy duty CNC metal cutting machine tools CNC machining machine tool CNC forming equipment and associated components of NC machine tools and so on.

Institute for prospective industries CNC machine tool industry research group, said China has exceeded Germany to become the world's largest machine tool market, CNC machine tools have become the mainstream consumer of machine tools, CNC machine tool market is huge in the future. Rough estimates to 2015, the CNC machine tool industry in China is expected to exceed 240 billion yuan in total assets, sales revenue of 180 billion yuan, the profit amounted to 12 billion yuan, its average annual growth per cent over 10%.

While, China NC machine of technology also will get larger upgrade, to "Twelve-Five" late, high-end NC machine and based manufacturing equipment special will achieved independent innovation capacity significantly improve, master a large number of has independent intellectual property of core technology, General technology into international advanced ranks, will, host, and NC system, and function parts "mid-range scale, and high-end industrialization, China will development out a has international advanced level of key equipment, imports volume big of high-speed, and precision State horizontal processing center, and CNC lathes and other market share will have improved significantly.