Our History

Established in 1998, Mastars now has expert manufacturing facilities for the mass production of a wide variety of plastic & metal parts by means of injection moulding and tooling, die casting and tooling, sheet metal stamping & laser cutting, CNC machining, Metal Injection Moulding, plastic and metal extrusion.Fabrication, assembly and secondary operation machining can also be undertaken and a wide variety of surface treatment finishes is available.We offer an extensive CNC prototyping service producing a vast array of parts in production intent metals and plastics. Where required we can use more conventional prototyping technologies to produce SLS, SLA, SLW and vacuum cast items.


In line with our corporate philosophy customers benefit from our unique blend of quality, reasonable cost, integrated services and flexibility. Our ability to achieve customers’ targets within a very short turnaround gives them a strong competitive edge.

Our Factory



Product Application

Production technologies offered are:
Injection mould tool manufacture (up to 10,000 kg. weight) and injection moulding on a range of 60 machines from 60T to 650T clamping
Pressure die casting tooling and casting on machines up to 800T clamping
Extrusion in both plastic and metal
Metal Injection Moulding
CNC machining
Paint finishing
Press tooling & parts
Chrome plating/Vacuum metalising

Prototyping technologies offered are:
Vacuum casting
CNC machining in a wide range of polymers including ABS/ABS-PC blend/Nylon-filled and unfilled/PMMA/POM/PP/PEEK/ULTEM
CNC in most generally available metals
Laser cutting

Our Certificate


Production Equipment


Our service

We believe that a supplier has to supply customers not only with high quality product but high quality overall service as well.

At Mastars we believe this starts with receipt and expert evaluation of requirements, speedy response to requests for quotations and to any subsequent queries followed by a controlled and integrated manufacturing process and a fast reliable delivery service.

Our dynamic feedback loop linking QA/QC, manufacturing and production, results in higher throughput, lowered rejection rates and consistent quality.


We aim to catch any problems and resolve them before they can grow. We are very familiar with all international product standards and our in-house experts implement strict procedures accordingly.


Mastars is constantly seeking development through quality improvement and we currently have the following approvals.

ISO 14001 – 2004

ISO 9001 – 2008